Redwood Acres Recycling Center is primarily a buyback center but we also take as many other materials as possible to make recycling a more convenient experience for our customers. For a complete list of materials we accept see About Us

The recycling center at Redwood Acres is more than just a place to return your recyclables for a refund. We think of ourselves as a small community center, of sorts.  So, within our green_planet_300limited space, we have established a “Support Our Local Businesses” board where you can add your business card to the collection of other entrepreneurs. We have over 1200 folks visit us each month so this could be an opportunity to let others know about your business or service. Or post a flier on the “Upcoming Events” board to announce your event.

You can donate your refund, if you are so inclined, to one of several organizations or charities in our area. You can also swap out a paperback book that you have sitting around for something you haven’t yet read.

Live Green
Recycling is our primary purpose but we also would like to be thought of as a source for living green in general. Recycling is just one of the actions we can take to live a “green” life.  Reducing our consumption of energy, plastics and water are examples of helping our shared environment.  Reusing materials that are often tossed into the trash can, without a thought as to where it will end up, is another way we can participate in the greening of our planet.

As we come across information or products that we find useful those will be posted here as well. Check out the links to the right. We just added the link to a 32 page free pdf file on rain gardens. Rain gardens? They are shallow depressions that are beautifully landscaped and designed to capture and soak up storm water runoff from your roof.

Readers Tips
We all have knowledge and ideas that, if shared, would benefit others.  I have learned some great new tips from our customers that I plan on implementing soon!   If you have something you would like to share regarding reusing, reducing or recycling please add your ideas to the Readers Tips.

Recycling Facts
It is amazing the impact that recycling – and not recycling – has on our lives and our planet.  The recycling facts page offers some facts about recycling and a chance for you to add information that is important to you.

Paperback Swap
Paperback Swap is for all readers who end up with more books than room to house them, yet want to continue to read new material. Please bring an equal amount of books to leave when you take books home with you. This is not a lending library, the books don’t need to be returned. This is intended to be a book exchange; keep the books in circulations rather than sitting on a shelf or in a box in the closet. No hardbound books, paperbacks only please.