reduce reuse recycleRedwood Acres Recycling Center is primarily a buy-back center;  we refund the California Redemption Value, CRV, that you pay to the grocery store when you purchase most beverages. The CRV program includes beverage containers with the exception of wine, liquor, milk and most large 100% fruit juices.

In addition to CRV containers we also accept cardboard, newspaper and magazines. Glass that doesn’t have a refund can be dropped off and plastics numbered 1 and 2 that are not a part of the CRV program are also accepted if they are clean.

We pay for the following items:

*CRV aluminum cans

*CRV glass bottles

*CRV plastic beverage bottles

We also accept:

*Cardboard and chipboard

*Newspaper, magazines and paper bags

*Shredded paper, junk mail, and office paper


*Scrap metal, including metal food cans

*Scrap glass (non CRV) (wine and liquor bottles and food jars)

*Scrap plastics (non CRV) #1 PETE and #2 HDPE. These plastics include milk jugs, large 100% fruit juice, laundry detergent and bleach containers.

There are 7 different types of plastics. The number of the plastic type is located in a triangle on the bottom of each container.

We do not accept hazardous waste containers, batteries, steel cans, or light bulbs. These things, along with plastics #3-#7, can be dropped off at Eureka Recycling on Hawthorne.

Below is a list of current refund prices. These prices are set by Cal Recycle, a division of the Department of Conservation.

Material Refund Price
Aluminum cans $1.59
Glass bottles $ .104
#1 PET plastic $ 1.16
#2 HDPE plastic $ .59
#7 OTHER plastic $ .31
Bimetal $ .35