A carrotmob is a buycott where an organized group of consumers agree to patronize a particular business. This business, in turn, commits to investing a percentage of their “mob income” into making socially responsible changes in their business.

Founder, Brent Schulkin, started carrot mobs in San Francisco in 2008. He visited 23 convenience stores and asked the owners “If I were to bring hundreds of people to one store on one day and we spend a ton of money, what percentage of this income would you be willing to reinvest in energy efficient upgrades to your store?”

The highest percentage bid was 22 percent.  On the day the mob descended on the store, the lines to get inside went around the block. The owner who generally grossed $1800 a day in revenue grossed $9200 that day! With the 22 percent that he committed to reinvest in his business he was able to do a full lighting retrofit for the store. Everybody wins.

These types of campaigns have since grown globally. The founder is looking to organize millions of people and take on large corporations; even the top advertisers on the Super Bowl like Budweiser, Miller and Coors.

Sounds like fun. Want to get involved? Go to carrotmob.org

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