Simply put, living green means reducing our impact on the planet by making choices in our day-to-day lives that are healthy for both people and the environment. Recycling at home and at work contributes to living green, as does conserving water and energy. These practices can save us money while at the same time improving our health and overall quality of life.

Every time we spend our money we are casting a vote for the particular product we purchased, how that product was manufactured and the materials used for packaging. We can make a difference when we purchase products that have one or more of these qualities:

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* contains recycled material
* contains less toxins
* uses reduced packaging
* durable and designed for disassembly
* locally or regionally produced
* uses renewable resources

Downshifting is a trend where individuals choose to live simpler lives. They tend to choose working fewer hours and steer away from obsessive materialism. In so doing they naturally live a lifestyle which has been come to be known as “green”. This translates into less consumption of energy for both the individual and the planet.

51 Ways to Green the Earth
poster from Pima County, Arizona
Pima County poster 51 ways to live green

This is a beautiful full color downloadable poster. Download poster here

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