We’ve all heard about the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” floating in the Northern Pacific somewhere between San Francisco and Hawaii. For the most part, it is comprised of post consumer plastics. It’s estimated to be larger than the size of Texas – some say twice the size of the United States. That’s a lot of water bottles and plastic bags! Think it’s time to consider reducing plastic consumption?

The song in this video says it all
Waiting On The World To Change

Beginning mid January, Hawaii enacted a Plastic Bag Reduction and Prohibition Law. They joined a growing number of cities and countries around the world making the distribution of plastic bags at cash registers and check out stands illegal. Customers have the option of using a paper bag – or better yet – a reusable fabric bag.

Remembering to bring those reusable bags when you head out shopping can be a challenge. Getting them into the vehicle doesn’t seem to pose too much of a problem, but remembering to bring them into the market seems to be where many of us fall short.

How do we create a new habit of remembering them? Walking back out to the car is one solution, but if that doesn’t appeal to you try this. Make a commitment that each time you find yourself at the check out without a fabric bag to place your purchases in, buy another bag. After you have collected several bags the chances that you will remember to bring your reusable bags on your next shopping outing will increase.

This enterprising man
uses bottles and plastic bags to build an island for himself
Ya gotta love human ingenuity.

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